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Our vision:

  • To establish and support a culture of reflective practice, drawing on evidence and research into learning and pedagogy


  • To facilitate a sharing of experience and expertise and create opportunities for professional learning at all levels


  • To work in purposeful collaboration to improve learning for all our children


  • To offer opportunity for schools to come together and share our knowledge about the needs of children in our community.


  • To promote the development of leadership skills throughout

        the education community. 


  • To offer bespoke training and support that meets the needs of all our schools, values the staff who work in them, and makes the most of the talent within our schools.


  • To  take professional responsibility for shaping future developments in education  at local, regional and national level .


  • To create opportunities to work cross-phase – to make transitions work for all our children

Our Values:

  • A commitment to apply the characteristics of effective learning to all aspects of our work, based on a belief that learning is a lifelong process involving


    ENGAGEMENT and high levels of involvement

    MOTIVATION  and resilience in the face of challenge and difficulty

    THINKING  including creativity and critical reflection


Contact us to find out more about what the Scarborough Teaching Alliance can offer:


Telephone: 07970 004203 

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Twitter: @scarboroteach

Facebook: Scarborough Teaching Alliance

Instagram: @scarboroughteachingalliance



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